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Host and hostess of AANLEG are writer Bert Oosterhout and artist Louise de Wit.
In order to be able to make their artistic work independently and without subsidy, they rent the space at Mariaplaats 15.
Bert is the person who picks up the phone, receives the guests and - outside the view - is present during the meetings. During meetings he is busy working on solving mathematics issues, with the foundations of Dutch grammar, or with the philosopher who is interested in at the time.
Louise answers the e-mail and takes care of the space. She uses her qualities in the preparations to receive the guests in space in a comfortable way.
Bert is as the author of a number of storybooks. In addition, he can speak and discuss animatedly on many different topics. He draws from a wide range of university programs. You could characterize him as anabsent minded professor. An impression of his many fields of interest can be found on his personal site.
Louise is a visual artist and she has made the switch from screen printing to digital work. Good screen printing requires a perfectionistic attitude and a good sense of image, color and design, but that is no different for digital work. All this can be clearly seen in the way in which the space is decolrated. After a course at the art academy, Louise has gained experience in the field of organizing and presenting in her twenty-year professional practice of free work, courses and workshops. Artworks of Louise can be seen on her website , but of course her works can also be seen in the meeting room.
With the use of all their qualities these two artists ensure that meeting room AANLEG offers a personal, homely and yet businesslike atmosphere. Key words are: quality, simplicity, intelligence, originality, flexibility and freedom.