meeting nearby Hoog Catharijne

  route to the meeting room

the famous Utrecht Domtover, visible all the way to AANLEG
all the way to the meeting space, the Domtower remains visible
the door to AANLEG, hidden in an ally

Mariaplaats 15
3511 LJ Utrecht
06-43440977 (Bert)

Select 'Hoog Catharijne' exit in the station hall.
Take the second exit on the right (Godebaldkwartier).
Past the Albert Heijn a revolving door is out. Take the escalator down.
Turn left.
From here it is about 250 steps to AANLEG:
Cross the Catharijnesingel at the traffic lights.
Go straight ahead, onto the Mariaplaats.
Halfway you will see a dark green wooden fence on the left.
Behind this fence is an alley.
AANLEG is located halfway the alley, on the left.
kaartje vergaderzaal

The walking route is indicated in dotted lines: pink for the way you walk through Hoog Catharijne, red for the way you walk outside.
parking facilities in the city center are listed on a separate page.